MYOS - Fertilized Egg Yolk Powder - Canine Muscle Formula - Fortetropin®

  • $47.99

Safe for human consumption. Make it part of your muscle building regimen! As always, consult with your physician before beginning a supplement regimen.

Myos Canine Muscle Formula powered by Fortetropin® is an all-natural composition made from fertilized egg yolk that has been clinically proven to help build muscle and reduce the rate of muscle loss due to aging or injury.

Fortetropin® is all about muscle health but it also contains many essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, a shiny coat, bone health, cognitive health and improved vision!

The larger size is now packaged in a canister for more convenience!

Contains: Eggs.  100% Fortetropin® No flavor or fillers.

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