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Reese Nutrition - Nitrocity™ Nitric Oxide Booster - Clinically Dosed 1500 mg

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Promote Nitric Oxide - Improve Blood Flow, Focus, Pump and Energy!

Nitrosigine® increases blood levels of arginine for up to six hours and elevates blood levels of silicon with a single dose. Size Does Matter! In March of 2020, researchers at The University of Arkansas published an independent study that showed a single dose of Nitrosigine® increases blood flow and vasodilation.

Origin: Registered, developed and manufactured by Nutrition 21.

Overview: a patented, complex of arginine and silicon, can help performance with unique benefits important to the training athlete. It significantly improves blood protein levels that represent a large range of important physiological functions and play critical roles in a variety of cellular processes.

It is clinically shown to significantly increase vasodilation, cognitive function, and much more. Kallistatin, a blood protein known as a potent vasodilator, and afamin, a blood protein that enhances cognitive function, both showed significant increases of 32% and 46% respectively.

Decreased nitric oxide production is also one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Common Dosage: 1500 mg per day, preworkout. Veggie capsules.

Keywords: Nitric Oxide, Muscle Pump, Muscle Volume, Libido, Sexual Health, Vasodilation

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